Temporary Services

Temporary Services

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Dear West Main Family, 

The local church will return to assembling only outdoors this coming Sunday from 9:00-10:00 am.   The judgement to assemble outdoors again was made in consultation with the deacons and Ben.

Here are some reminders concerning the outdoor parking lot assembly:

  1. Please plan to arrive well before 9:00 am to provide adequate time to park and get prepared to worship in spirit and in truth. 
  2. Please enter the rear parking lot using the middle and north most entrances off of Mancos Street on the east side of the building using either Mancos or Surf St.  Please park in every other parking space facing the “podium”.  This may require some to back into their parking spaces.
  3. Upon entering the rear parking lot, you will be provided the following by men wearing protective face masks and gloves:   
    1. An opportunity to give as you have been prospered since your last assembly.    
    2. A program containing the weekly bulletin, 90.7 FM channel number and the songs that will be led.  That program will be emailed out later this week if you wish to print it prior to arriving on Sunday.
    3. Sanitary communion sets (unleavened bread and fruit of the vine in one package) to those who do not bring their own.
  4. Please strictly honor the social distancing guidelines and preferably wear masks if you plan to venture outside of your vehicle. . Weather permitting, you may wish to bring lawn chairs to safely sit in the parking space to your immediate left.
  5. The rear restroom facilities will be available for use before and after the one hour assembly. 

For those who are unable to attend the outdoors assembly due to sickness, at-risk health conditions or age, the recorded adult Bible Study on the NT Church, Lord’s Supper comments, singing and sermon will be provided as early as 9:00 am each Sunday until we assemble indoors.  The children’s Bible classes have been announced separately. 

We look forward to seeing you at the outdoors assembly of the local church at West Main this Sunday at 9:00 am.    If you have any questions or concerns about assembling outdoors, please contact one of the elders.   

In Christ, 

the elders

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